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About Black Cat Cycling Club

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Black Cat Cycling Club aims to provide a small but perfectly formed cycling club that concentrates on the traditional aspects of road cycling.  The traditional ‘Sunday ride’ much loved across the whole country is a core function and we encourage our members to get down to our meeting place at Black Cat roundabout Llandudno Junction on Sundays for rides. Not restricted to Sundays of course we ride in the evenings and also Saturdays throughout the year – restricted in winter due to weather and light of course.  We believe that cyclists are safer together, and learn more from each other as a group.  If you are new to road cycling we can bring you along and help you to improve as a cyclist, and as your fitness improves its possible you might want to go on our faster rides – each to their own.

Cycling Together

Black Cat Cycling ClubOne thing is certain, riding with other people – especially those more experienced or even fitter than you – helps to improve ability and fitness levels.  We believe that cycling has to be about camaraderie and unity and the social aspect is something we will always look to encourage.

Where’s the Name From?

It is from the roundabout – and the former garage of the same name – that we decided on the name Black Cat, and our distinctive kit comes in two forms, with a slightly amended one having been requested by the ladies.  As a club, we can get our kit at discounted prices, and its a fact that the Black Cats cut a dash as we ride up and down the Conwy Valley into Snowdonia and beyond.

Black Cat Cycling Line Up

We are a typical group of cyclists with a wide range of abilities and experience. Some have cycling in their blood and have reached their late 40’s early 50’s never having been off the bike in one form or another.  Others are reasonably new to the sport.  Some have racing backgrounds and still actively compete in time-trials and races whilst others simply enjoy going out as a group and enjoying the unbeatable feeling of the fresh air and fitness.

We are not looking to have a large club either, with membership to be limited to ensure the heart of the club remains firmly with the members. We don’t want to take over the world, we just want to provide a safe friendly environment for people to enjoy a sport we all love.

Get in touch and join the gang.